Joey Atlas-Types of cellulite

Many women think that cellulite is one kind to everyone, but in fact several types vary according to age group and place of the appearance of cellulite and these types are:

Cellulite soft sponge:
When the incidence of this type of cellulite is a skin and flabby and this is called soft and shows of this type, often in places where the fat, such as the arms from the top of the buttocks, abdomen and sometimes it is accompanied by the appearance of varicose veins or the appearance of tiny blood vessels on the surface of the skin while looks like a spider web, It can easily distinguish this type it moves with the body when the movement and increases with age in the case of overweight and inactivity and improve the status of this kind are actively circulation and excessive weight loss consists mostly of this type in the age group between 30 to 40 years old, and it shows in the twenties in some cases.

Can be treated with this kind of cellulite through weight loss, according to the program of healthy diet includes a high-protein meals and exercise resistance exercises tighten the muscles, in addition to massage your attendance to remove cellulite where that improves blood circulation and drain toxins.

Cellulite steel
This type of cellulite affects women in their youth and shows clear areas of the buttocks and thighs and the skin is taut and has Ngsat where it seems peel an orange, but this type of cellulite is not accompanied by the appearance of flabby muscles do not move the movement of the body where the skin Mmsuka well with the muscle below and in some cases This type accompanied by pain when touched or pressed.
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This type of injury Balseliuliet should be dealt with as soon as it appears, and dealing with this kind of early help to improve, and can be cured by using mesotherapy injections and creams intended for therapeutic Saliuliet and under medical supervision. Cellulite swollen

This type of cellulite is less common forms among women, which is the most difficult to treat as well as happening as a result of a bug in the circulatory system with retention of fluids under the skin and this type appears often in the legs, especially the legs change their minds its natural form and become cylindrical and the skin becomes pale and may become painful when Sitting for long periods and is accompanied by problems in the lymphatic system and pulling a muscle swelling, and this begins to emerge at the age of 20 to 30 years.

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