Joey Atlas-Practicing yoga is good for you

Why did you go there?

I'm going to try when I was still working in the magazine. At that time, I have practiced yoga normal.
For me this was an amazing feeling that I proved that I overcame that just can’t believe my heart pounding.
When I left, it was like I climbed Mount Everest. I was proud of myself.

Do you like to overcome myself?
I Rake, very touchy person
I am convinced that we are all just energy that we are influenced by where and when we are born.
Then there are that genetic information, past lives, everything is there inscribed together and it's one big equation.
No, and I can influence, like self-improvement, adopting humility, from an early age ... I somehow subconsciously always looking for more difficult routes.

I thought that that give you harder obstacles to me nobody whacked. Back when I was running, I took more stones in his hands. Now I have, thank God, very peaceful.

Mainly my mind - I had it a restless, always drove me somewhere.
I still needed something to climb; you always have everything planned out. Now I'm doing a lot less, but you actually plan to calm.

So even in yoga about looking for the boundaries that you could overcome.
Yes, I know my limits and I want to get through them. And I know that man is capable of miracles when it's in my head somewhere

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