Exercise and proper diet are protected from sliding cartilage injury

Suffered a lot of people, especially the elderly, including pain slipped disc or what is known explains specialist orthopedic and hand surgery, the pain may occur as a result of pulling a surprise, especially in paragraphs cluster or cotton as in accidents severe, has slip occurs gradually over weeks or even months.

When slippage occur cartilage pressure on the nerve roots and thus the patient is suffering from pain, this pain may occur due to advances in age, the joints lose their flexibility and strength as well as that person's lifestyle is one of the main factors affecting the incidence of slipping.

Also, lack of exercise or simple exercises such as walking, running, going on some sort of dried liquid cartilage and the diet is not balanced may be caused by infection in the slide.

In addition to the lack of weight control and weight gain have damage, not paragraphs nerve that smoking as factors that contribute to the harm to human health and also in dried liquid cartilage.

Violin that posture is sound of that damage, especially in women veiled, when you wear it wrong it could affect the lumbar spine, and be prone to sliding of the pain is unclear or acute lower back pain, increases in the intensity of movements or activities such as walking or sitting. Use of CT and MRI, to give three-dimensional views of the lumbar vertebrae to show us the extent of the damage suffered by paragraphs

To avoid access to this case, we must first maintain the integrity of the spine and attention during pregnancy things lifted using the knees, and not through the back muscles and walking exercise and weight maintenance and advice to those who conducted the surgery of the spine move away from the wrong habits and the most important of lifting heavy weights and sit.

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