Venus Factor-Sugar Diet and Dieting

We all live in a rapidly changing world, where we are falling all short period of time to exercise and adequate attention to our health, our working style and environment today has become more stable and more, complement this situation with easy access to fast food and changing dietary habits and we have a problem definitely on our hands, and we become fatter than ever and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

They stay in good health, one needs to make small adjustments only to dietary habits and lifestyle. One of the biggest contributors to the increase in waist lines we have is eating excessive sugar.

What is Sugar:
Sugar is a form of carbohydrates that provide energy to the human body. There are two types of sugars that are available to us. There are monosaccharides that we know, including sugars, glucose is simple and provides instant energy.

The second form of sugar in our daily diet is a disaccharide These include granulated sugar that we use at home.

The difference lies mainly in the way the body responds and uses two forms of sugar. While the monosaccharides decomposed immediately to save energy, the second model is stored by the body to be used at a later time, causing us to gain weight.
All sugars bad?

Before we go on to say that one should go on a diet free of sugar, it is important to mention here that we as human beings we need all forms of sugar to the normal functioning of the human body. But beyond all that is bad and so is the excessive consumption of sugar and allied products.Original Review

So, while some forms of sugar is good for you, others can be a cause for concern and the concern for our health.

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