How to increase testosterone and build muscle

Human growth hormone and testosterone necessary to build and repair muscle mass. But testosterone levels have dropped considerably in the last twenty years.

Hormone testosterone and other hormones, such as is created from cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol is not evil, and we have been led to believe, and there are also the low level of cholesterol in the blood can kill you. Cholesterol is important for repair and other necessary tasks carried the body on a daily basis, and there is evidence that low testosterone levels risk factor for dementia.

Attention, memory, spatial ability, libido, muscle mass, bone density, and a sense of well-being are all dependent on adequate levels of testosterone. Therefore it is easy to see why you should keep your testosterone levels.

Testosterone what makes you a man? Take a look at these symptoms:
* Fatigue and depression

* Physical weakness

* Excess fat and obesity

* Swelling of the prostate

* Slipping mental capacity

* Muscle and joint pain

* Man is even more that can be added to this list, testosterone low causing these symptoms, and more. Studies have shown that reliable testosterone does not cause prostate cancer, but it can accelerate the cancer from hormone dependent.

Whether low levels of the male hormone were not serious enough, you have a bigger problem, the overload of estrogen. Yes! This is true hormone Girl. Even where all this excess estrogen comes from? The short answer everywhere

Patients with hemophilia

Detailed treatment of bleeding should be under the supervision of the medical team and the patient to provide the clotting factor as soon as

There are procedures necessary to deal with any bleeding with an infected hemophilia treatment with RICE an abbreviation of the words: rest, ice, compression, Lifting
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Rest: not to use the affected foot or install the injured arm helps in healing as the continued use of the affected limb shows the muscles and joints for more bleeding snow:

uses ice to increase the constriction of blood vessels and the mitigation of bleeding from the affected area and this procedure is called constriction of the veins pressure:

pressure is linking tourniquet around the joint to support wounded detailed and reduce the speed of bleeding Lifting: to raise the injured arm above the level of the heart of the patient reduces blood flow to the side that bleeds

When the bleeding stops any when at least bloating, pain, and the hottest joint must be keen to restore range of motion in the affected joint and this requires follow the exercise program set by the physiotherapist and by following the
exercise programs that will help to strengthen the muscles surrounding Bamufsal and reduces Dmorha and stiff joints All of this will reduce the recurrence of bleeding automatic
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