Venus Factor-Healthy diet program to burn fat

That burn fat and lose weight at the start of the food system needs to take into account a few things to complete system accursed and there hidden secrets to the success of diet to lose weight and balanced are: -

1 - To get to sleep and comfort

2 - Drink a lot of water

3 - Exercise

These secrets, lack of interest by impedes the process of weight loss Many times may make the mistake of excluding the fatty substances permanently from the diet but the fact that the body needs a little Health Care and beneficial unsaturated and monophonic including (olive oil - avocado - almonds - walnuts).

Maintain protein intake, which the body needs to build muscle, it is necessary to burn fat and build tissue and muscle cells.General Reviews

Fresh fruits and vegetables to eat at least three fruits per day of fruit, especially apples are the best choice to lose weight and burn fat.

Poultry and seafood rich in many vitamins, minerals and beneficial nutrient that the body needs for healthy growth

John Barban-Girls How to keep you trim teen?

Begins the period of adolescence from age 10 to 19 years old and is one of the most important periods of human life despite the short term, it is the outcome of the interaction between factors, physical, and environmental (culturally and socially), and psychological, which is influenced by the individual, and in terms of its importance, it is the second stage in importance after the baby; Because of the similarity in the rapid growth, so you need to special dietary recommendations in all the nutrients in order to meet the needs of adolescent and we will give you some of these recommendations.

Dietary recommendations in adolescence: 1. Caloric needs of boys from teenagers to about 60: 80 price per kg of body weight, and almost (2700: 3600) calories a day, and the girls need 48 calories per kg of body weight, which is equivalent to (2100: 3000) price calories per day. 2. Vitamins due to increased interaction and emotion bodywork for a teenager, he used vitamin C equivalent (3: 4) times the average person and can be obtained from vegetables and fresh fruit and causes increased need for vitamin (b 1, b 2), due to the amount of energy discharged.

Daily needs protein: vary the daily requirement of protein, depending on several factors, including: the type of protein and efficiency in the construction of body tissue (animal - a vegetarian) and loss processes in the body, age, sex,
weight and physiological status. Best Reviewes

The body loses daily about the (18:20) grams of demolitions showed as Lost nails, hair and skin and secretion of glands and so on and is supposed to have a teenager a day (60: 70) grams of animal protein and vegetation to compensate for this loss, it is advised to be half the amount of protein obtained by the teenager from an animal source such as eggs and cheese, yogurt, meat, etc. ... so that high nutritional value.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are different requirements. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates requirements vary depending on the different age, sex and daily effort.

Advised proportion of carbohydrates in the daily diet than (66%) of the total calories note that the (400) grams of carbohydrates and sugary give about (1600) price. It also should not be less carbohydrate in food teenager for this ratio which is like bread, rice, pasta, pies and cakes ... etc. As well as candy and drink must warn teenagers of carbohydrate intake, because that leads to obesity.

John Barban-Healthy diet - Bananas and milk

Confirmed a new U.S. study, conducted by researchers from the Institute of Nutrition Research in Washington, that the banana is one of the most important fruits covered by rights, where contains many of the important elements in the construction of the body and disease resistance.

The researchers pointed out that the banana renews the youth and resists aging, as well as it contains vitamin (A, B) and minerals provide the body with the energy needed throughout the day and the researchers added that bananas also contribute to high blood pressure treatment and prevention of ulcer tract.Many More

Diet of bananas and milk, taken four meals a day breakfast: 2 love banana with cup low-fat milk Lunch: 2 love banana with cup low-fat milk Dinner: 2 love banana with cup low-fat milk as possible to divide the bananas to six meals this recipe majoring almost kilo per day the bananas, milk contains protein, sugar and carbohydrates and potassium.
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